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Thursday, July 25, 2024 at 2:00 PM EDT

× Summer Theatre Season - Show #2 - July 23 to 27 Matinee & Evening Performances Reg: $40 Stu: $20 *Grp: $35 10 or More

Einstein! The Longest Running Solo Show in Los Angeles History

This multi-award winning and critically acclaimed show, written and starring Jack Fry, brings Einstein back from beyond, frustrated that no one has heard the real science history behind General Relativity. Albert takes us back to Berlin in 1914 where he is sent sideways in a world crumbling around him due to the Great War, a science establishment that doesn’t believe him, those that do try to wrestle the theory away from. He is being isolated for his pacifist views, has a wife who won’t give him a divorce, faces a huge scientific backlash, anti-Semitism, a 10-year old son fighting for his affections, and finally a nervous breakdown that lay him bed ridden for two whole months. Told with humour, 3D graphics that help give us an insight to his brilliant mind, Albert Einstein comes to life as Jack Fry revitalizes one of the most intriguing icons of all time. It is funny, touching and a true triumph!

AWARDS: New York Fringe Festival: Top 10 shows to see & Sold Out Run NYC

DC Metro Theater Arts: Best Performance

Hollywood Fringe Festival: Encore Winner & Pick of the Fringe

STEM Theater Festival: Highest Grossing Show & Sold Out Run

Lick Observatory: Highest Grossing Show of the Year & Sold Out Run

Sierra Madre Playhouse: Sold Out Run

Proudly presented by Meaford Hall as part of the 2024 Summer Theatre Season


Meaford Hall
12 Nelson Street East
Meaford ON N4L 1N6

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